BR Cohn Wedding Photography                                                                                                                                                                                          Photography Credit Olivia Smartt

While we believe that every event is truly unique, our goal driven philosophy remains the same….we should Inspire.Plan.and.Execute each event with flawless sophistication!

Inspire  Our relationship begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss event needs, visions and details.  The purpose of this first meeting will always be to Inspire our clients of the possibilities within budget and time frame.  Moving forward, via meetings, email and phone communications we will always focus on what can be done- not what cannot. It is our job to give ideas and encouragement with each interaction.

Plan  Behind every amazing event you will find a results driven plan and an amazing team of professionals vendors. When you hire d.Royal Engagements you are ensuring that team will have a focused and organized leader with a plan from start to finish. We prepare a plan of action according to your needs and expectations. Because we value your time every meeting, no matter how brief will have an agenda and or homework for the client and or d.Royal Engagements. Within 1 week of booking we create a draft Planning Timeline and Day of Event Timeline to help advise our clients during the event planning process. We are able to help you identify ways to pull together vendors that will share your and support your event vision. Our end goal is to prepare a detailed behind the scene agenda for your team of vendors to present a flawless event for your family, friends and clients.

Execute When all the choices are made the event is only days away…there is not much left for you to do but prepare to enjoy every moment! We take the steps make sure the plan in place and can be executed for our clients with the least amount of stress. We will do our best to keep excessive questions and meetings needed from the client to minimum the week of the event. We help you address last minute concerns or unforeseen changes… that’s what we are here for! At this point it is our expectation that we should know exactly what they want from each vendor and we are to support them in the execution of your vision!


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