Yumi & Kevin

“I feel so fortunate that I had Denise as my wedding coordinator. I couldn’t have had such a PERFECT day in my life without her! Things stood out about Denise: Most of the day-of-coordination packages in the market don’t include vendor searching and price negotiation. But knowing we still needed several vendors in the last month, Denise offered to help us secure these vendors and negotiated great prices. She coordinated with the vendors back and forth and made sure all the details were just the way we wanted. My husband and I were simply awed by how much work she did for us at such a reasonable price. Denise visited the garden she saw some benches near the ceremony spot. She realized that we could just utilize the garden benches instead of renting chairs and the whole set-up was much more in line with the theme I was shooting for. She saved me over $300 dollars instantly there! What’s even sweeter was that she brought some cute decorative pillows to set on the benches on my wedding day, making it a real comfy with rustic look I wanted.
Denise was the sole contact between my vendors and me in the final week. This saved me tons of work. Whatever changes I wanted to make, I just told Denise, instead of calling around to make adjustment among vendors. On my wedding day, Denise arrived before noon and started to set up the reception room. Whereas I just comfortably sat in my hotel suite, having my makeup artist and photographers working around me. After the reception, my husband and I retreated to the hotel room while Denise and her assistant stayed and cleaned. The second morning, I was amazed that we didn’t leave anything behind at the reception.Finally, what I can’t stress enough is Denise’s personality – she is so passionate and delightful. She will treat your event just as important as if it were her own event.”

{Yumi, d. Royal Engagements Bride}

Photography Credit: Danny Dong Photography
Venue: University of California Botanical Garden and The Berkeley City Club